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Hi-Performance Polyurethane vs. Rubber, You Choose!

Production vehicles are built with Rubber bushings throughout their suspension, chassis, and related systems.  These rubber bushings deteriorate at a very rapid rate and create what people call a “spongy” ride, which leads to prempolyurethane suspension spacersature failure of components.  This leads to costly repairs that could happen to you again in a short amount of time if the root of the problem is not corrected.  Some of the following accelerate the breaking down of factory rubber bushings and create more problems for you: Higher horsepower, oversized tires, Lifted truck, Lowered car, and oil/fluid leakage. The Solution… PROTHANE™, ENERGY SUSPENSION™, and DAYSTAR have all become synonymous with innovative Hi-performance polyurethane, also called “urethane” for short, based bushings and driveline component.  A Polyurethane component for your suspension is what corrects the feel of your vehicle and protects your vehicles components from premature failure. From bushings, bump stops and body mounts to stressed driveline components like motor mounts, transmission mounts, and lift kits, these major manufacturers are constantly developing innovative new hi-performance polyurethane based parts to fit your needs. As enthusiasts and racers ourselves we take great pride in offering you the best in Hi-performance polyurethane components for your suspension, driveline, and chassis to enhance the performance of your vehicle.  Coming soon - we will be carrying PowerFlex and SuperPro bushings.

polyurethane spacersWhy Polyurethane Bushings?

Polyurethane is an ideal material for Performance Suspension Bushings, motor and transmission mounts. Don't get us wrong, rubber suspension bushings and mounts are a proven compromise. However, if you are taking frequent trips to the track or trail, or just an enthusiast looking for a nicer ride on the street, you need to have Polyurethane suspension and driveline components giving you the control you want and need.  Polyurethane bushings are firm enough to control movement and maintain alignment in sway bars, control arms, and other stressed suspension components without the harshness or resonance associated with solid metal suspension bushings. We believe that after experiencing the precise steering, road feedback, and the added firmness polyurethane bushings offer, you'll never go back to rubber bushings. If you have additional horsepower, plus size tires, lifted truck suspension, or lowered canyon carving street setups, all mixed with normal atmospheric conditions and undercar grit and grime, can and will stress rubber bushings beyond their design limits.

polyurethane spacer partsCustom Polyurethane and Production Runs, RüKSPEED can custom make polyurethane parts for you. For large runs we have the ability to make a mold and provide you with a formed part. For custom or small runs we offer pour it yourself mold kits, just produce a mold, pour in the polyurethane and produce your part. Mold kits start at $49.99, or you can purchase blocks of urethane starting at $14.99 and have them machined into whatever shape you need. Call us at 801-783-2325 or email us at for a consultation or to make sure we get the right part for your race vehicle.

Here are reasons why you should use Polyurethane components for your vehicle:

  • polyurethane suspension spacersThe components are designed to fit without any headaches or problems.
  • You gain performance and handling while maintaining a quality ride and feel on the road.
  • You don’t need special tools to install, however some applications may require tools and equipment due to the type of vehicle which is extremely rare.
  • Polyurethane doesn’t squeak or make noise provided that they are installed correctly.
  • Components come in two colors: Red and Black.  Red is standard.  Black available upon request.
  • Engineering groups and R&D department ensure the best quality on all products.
  • Polyurethane products are offered for cars and trucks in both the import and domestic markets

polyurethane spacerspolyurethane spacers

RüKSPEED is looking for dealers for our products, if you would like wholesale pricing please call 801-783-2325 or email us at




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